2018 Thoughts on my upcoming BMT

2018 My journey begins…….

hmmmm, where to start.  I am a 62 year old wife, mother and grandmother and this is, indeed, not my first battle.  In 1995 I lived in Alaska and it was at that time that I discovered a lump which turned out to be NHL.  After numerous tests I was told I was stage 4 and that I had a short time left.  My youngest were my twins who were, at the time, barely 4 years old. To speed up this section I will share that I reffered myself to Stanford University for experimental protocol.  I beat NHL and raised my children , saw one married and became GiGi to three (so far) grandchildren.  Speed ahead a bit to the summer of 2017 when I began to experience bone crushing fatigue, constant infections and pneumonia.  My falling counts confused the PCP and again, I referred myself to a local Oncologist.  Within days he had ordered and completed blood labs, scans and ohhhhh my favorite a bone marrow biopsy. 

I am now in the active stage of preparing for a BMT.  I have my donors, who are from Germany and are not only a perfect blood match but also 10/10 for the HLA markers.  During the next 2 weeks will be going through extensive testing to insure I am physically capable of surviving this.  

No surprise that I am also terrified.  Ive read a great deal but all that has done is educate myself on the many things that can go wrong…but if I do nothing I know what the outcome will be.  I knew when I was treated for my NHL that there could be the possibility of secondary cancers, and after 17 years of freedom this has been a terrifying reality check.

My wife and I have only been married for just about four years and I wish I could promise her it will be ok….


HATE cancer 




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