30 Days

 So, this is day 2. “First Love.” Hoo, boy.

So, I never actually liked boys until high school. Because all of the boys I knew personally were terrible. My parents would always tell me, “Ooh, I saw you and DANIEL bickering earlier, are you dating?” and “You used to fight with COREY so much, you were in love with him.” NO. I fought with those boys because they were awful. One of them ran over my little sister with a mountain bike they’d stolen from their dad once. “You really told your boyfriend SHELDON what for, huh?” No, I nearly beat the mess out of him because he broke Chelsea’s nose.

So, my first crush in high school was a flutist, named Jason Tomas. The problem with him was that he had his own little crowd, and I was not in it. We were friends, just not super friends. So I gave up on him pretty quick. Then, I had a crush on Teddy. Ted was the kind of guy that got the attention of every girl who knew him personally. He was kind, intelligent, funny and a fantastic musician.

I mentioned before that I dated a lead in my school’s musical? This is him. He played Trevor Graydon in Thoroughly Modern Millie, despite being a walrus on the dance floor because he literally sounds exactly like Mark Kudisch. We were really good friends, and after a while, we started dating. Didn’t last long, though. He wanted the relationship to super fast and I wanted it to go at a snail’s pace, so we ended up not really knowing what to do. We parted rather amicably, though I was really upset and confused about it at the time. 

That all went fine, but one of our mutual “friends” got super jealous that I’d lasted longer in a relationship with Ted. I had made it a full month, and she got half a week. So she started spreading rumours about things Ted and I had done that weren’t true. Luckily, her reputation and credibility were garbage, so the only people who believed her were her own, actual friends. Still, it strained his and my relationship with each other, since we were uncomfortable with what was said. Presently, though, we’re on good terms.

For a while I had a crush on a guy named Gary, who no one around me likes and I can’t figure out why. Anyways, he was taken, so I gave up that.

Finally, Grayden. My current “goal.” We’re pretty much acquaintances but, boy, is he one swell guy. We share the same kind of humor, interests, and I know he dated someone of my body type once (chub flub cute) and they, too, parted amicably due to conflict of interests. We just never have any opportunity to spend time together. We have a lot of the same classes, but we always get different teachers. We had physics, but I got Wanda and he got Ervin. And now, we even have the SAME teacher, but different blocks. He’s in advanced production drama, and I’m advanced (damn my lack of uniqueness). He told me I was a fantastic actor, funny, and a good singer. But I doubt he thinks about me any more than when he sees me, which is not a lot.

Hope you had fun with these paragraphs about my love life since “first love” is a really loaded subject.

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