okay so I finally am making do on my word ..i am changing myself for the better I will lose weight I will make more money and I will grab life by the horns and fucking ride this devil through all the bf he is finally lord Jesus Joseph and Mary he is finally on board with me!! Thanks the high heavens..guys you don’t even want to know how relieved I am like ..its like when you have very tight jeans on and ur in pubic so you can’t go unbuttoning ur pants in public its frowned upon so u suffer all day than finally when u get home u unbutton and ur just like deflating aaaahhhh yes! It’s like that. I got a job finally after months of being unemployed ..but ima have to pick up extra shifts to make a decent amount you know? I hate being an adult but for me to be carefree I got to work …anyways it’s 8:24 am the moment I should be sleeping but I fell asleep earlier last night (another thing I’m doing to change for the better) so now I’m wide awake ..anyways ill update later my phones going to die I just wanted to write down my excitement..ttyl random someone who reads my entries 😊😄

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