Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I am just trying out this new form of a journal/blog. Not many blogging platforms out there anymore, not unless you want to sell something, or have to know more about web shmtl, or what ever. I am not a technical advanced person. I mean, I do know how to run a smart phone, and browse around on my lap top, and desk top computer, and yes, I can shop from it too. 

I don’t know how many people out there are so tired of Facebook. I am one of them. I do like communicating with family, friends, co-workers, but there is so much out there that one can not really say, know what I mean? If you post anything, the old butt hurt emotion from other’s sort of takes place, and I find that I get a little upset with the fact, that I have to defend my funny that I posted; when in fact, it really did not mean anything. Know what I mean?? 

NOW, that I have vented a little, let me give you the opportunity of you getting to know me. I am a 53, year old woman, well, not old, but you know…I reside in Oregon, I am married, to a wonderful man, and together we have 6.5 Grandchildren. The .5 is from my daughter who is pregnant with number 5. I have two children from my first marriage, and my husband has one child from his first marriage. Together, my husband and I love to travel.  I am originally from North Dakota, and my husband is from California.  Now that I have decided to chat a bit about me, I will see how far this site takes me. Hope to make some new friends. Happy New Year folks!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Hi Cheri, Happy New Year and thank you for your comment on my recent post, I had the same email for years until it got hacked and blocked and I could never access it again .. was very peeved about that as I lost so much with that account, now I have quite a few different email addresses that I’ve forgotten I made .. Doh .. Lol

    Anyways welcome to GNJ .. its a pretty easy site to use and I hope you find it a valuable tool and source of enjoyment .. 🙂

  2. Just found this site myself though I have not done a journal of any time in years. Interesting entries that you have, and I enjoyed reading so far. Happy New Year!

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