Happy rving.

My husband and I love to travel, so we plan out our vacation, which is 3 weeks out of the year, we plan everything from how many miles we have to travel to the RV parks that we visit during our stay. It is no easy task trying to find a good RV spot to stay in. It takes a lot of research and sometimes yes it takes a lot of arguing. There are times when my husband and I do not see eye-to-eye on an RV park. In the end we do meet in the middle. Well today we finally decided that we will be mapping out our entire vacation in one afternoon. Lo and behold we have done it and I think we are pretty happy with what we have planned. We have done so much traveling that we already have figured it out what our favorite RV parks are. I am somewhat  of spoiled nature. I like to have the Wi-Fi, the cable TV, I like the peace and quiet, I also like to have a pool, and many other  amenities of an RV park. So it is safe to say that I am one who likes to reside in resorts you know the ones that cater to your every need. I am not one who likes to rough it in any way shape or form.

We will be leaving for vacation from March 21st and coming back on April 14th of 2018. Our destinations will be taking us to California and Arizona and Nevada. My husband and I really like the ghost town feel every location that we go to. We are into that rustic old time looking buildings and just having fun exploring the past history towns that used to be. We have a great time we love it. Lots of laughs, lots of souvenirs and we just like the uniqueness of everything that those areas provide for us. We will be staying a couple of days in Las Vegas Nevada  it is a little bigger than what we are used to for we like the small-town feeling of a lot of areas but for the most part Las Vegas is a part of a stop that we will be going to. We will be doing a lot of gaming since I like casinos. It seems that every destination that we go to a casino is part of my trip. LOL. It is not that I win anything it’s just that I like the gaming aspect of it and being around people and the hearing the dinging of the machines and I don’t know it’s just exciting to me. I think my husband is liking it also for he looks around the area to see if there is a casino nearby so we can just have adult gaming time.

So yes the the vacation is going to be a great time I’m excited I get to get off of work for 3 weeks which is a major plus plus plus! I mean I don’t get paid vacation I save enough money so I can have a good vacation I am a waitress at a cafe so therefore the tips are all cash and I get to put a little bit of side so I can have some fun with it and my husband also does the same thing. Oh he is not a waitress, he is actually a manager for Costco so therefore he gets like 5 weeks of paid vacation so he covers my funds for the three weeks. Go me!

I have family and friends who get a little jealous because I take off the 3 weeks for my vacation every year. But my husband and I we actually save our money for the entire year just so we can play for a few weeks. I mean it’s just something that we have always done and will always do. We like to go in March to the Southern States, because Oregon as we all know it, is often very rainy, very cloudy, and at times very windy, sometimes it is all rolled up into one weather front  in one day or week. So traveling to California, Arizona and Nevada, I not only get away from the gray Oregon weather, but enjoy the fun in the sun. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

I’m hoping that this vacation will be fun lots of planning lots of fun, and most of all memories.

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  1. This sounds exciting! I hope you guys have a lovely time. We have talked about getting an rv before, and we are in the same boat as your and your husband; I would love the luxury items and my husband is more of a roughin-it type.

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