Imperfectly Perfect

I choose to forgive those who did not mean to hurt me, but more importantly, I hope to forgive those who did mean to hurt me. I want to forgive those who deliberately and consistently tried to tear my world apart. I will forgive you, for your world without a doubt is far worse than you have ever tried to make my own.

realistically there is no guarantee that we will spend the rest of our lives NOT hurting someone. no matter how perfect we try to be, there will always come a time when we will let someone else down.

there will come a time when we will grow frustrated with our decisions. days when we won’t be able to look ourselves in the mirror because we struggle to forgive the person standing infront of it. even nights when we cannot sleep because we fear tomorrow.

life isn’t easy and there is no way to avoid the bumps in the road. we cannot avoid making mistakes, but we can surround ourselves with people who are patient with our imperfections. people who choose to not give up. people who understand our limitations and refuse to judge us based upon our weakness.

we can choose to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and choose to surround ourselves with people we are not afraid to disappoint. people who we have nothing to prove and no longer have to worry about being anything more than who we are… because who we are is simply enough.

we not only need to surround ourselves with these kind of people, but to be those kind of people. don’t leave because something someone says or does. be someone who is going to run after another when they begin to have doubts. be the person who refuses to go to bed without accepting an apology. know the kind of bravery it truly takes to apologize. we know how hard it can often be swallowing our pride and admitting when we have made mistakes. we know the sincerity that comes along with asking for another chance.

both surround and be the person who cares when something bothers someone. know the meaning behind silence. choose to forgive; choose to never get tired of forgiving.

because ultimately, at the end of the day… isn’t that really all we are looking for?
someone who is understanding and patient, forgiving and continues loving just as I continue to forgive and love

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