The Happy Housemates – Take 2

At the end of Fall quarter, 3 weeks ago, a much-beloved friend and roommate left in a very teary and emotional departure. She had decided that she wanted a break from school and to work towards getting licensed as an EMT, mountaineering instructor and ski instructor. And, even though the move was in her best interest and we were all very supportive of her decision, her leaving was still a painful event. She had helped me grow into this new adult version of myself. A person who stands up for herself turns every day into an adventure, and who can set and meet her goals. But, I knew that just as I was growing into myself, she was also growing into herself and that was the most important thing. 

I spent winter break alone in the house. I went to work, hiked every day, went on runs and climbed at the rec center. But besides my constant efforts to keep busy and to see all of my friends that also stayed in the city for the break, I always went home alone missing my roommates. 

But today was wonderful. I started my morning off early with a terrific hike in a mossy cathedral that twisted through old growth douglas fir and hemlock and then wove between wetlands, ponds, and lakes. And when I returned home, two of my roommates were home. They were a bundle of happiness and light in the house. And already I am settling into the comfort of their presence and the sounds of life stirring in the living room and kitchen. 

My one dear roommate has left, but a new dynamic of dear friends is being built around me. And I am excited about the possibilities of new friends and new memories. 

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  1. I love this! goodbyes are never easy. It’s crazy how strong the heart as we make our way through life meeting people, learning, and living. I’ve met many people through my 26 years and departures doesn’t get easy but the memories and the lessons are what makes friendships worth it. Glad to see you’re adjusting well and we don’t remember days we remember moments.

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