01/07/2018 — Relaxed Day

I don’t have a lot to talk about today. I just cleaned my room more thoroughly today. I emptied the trash can, and cleared my desk off. I made sure everything was organized and set up my bullet journal for this week. I also was given a new planner today, so now I’ll have my on the go planner and my stay-at-home planner.. I know that sounds like a lot of planners but that’s alright. I didn’t do much last night either. I went to WalMart and to a taco truck late with Monica because I was going a bit stir-crazy in the house and was having a hard time containing my feelings. It was a nice distraction from real life because we were able to just fuck around and be stupid inside an empty Walmart that we typically don’t go to. The EMT has been quiet today, but I think he’s at work. I’m trying not to blow up his phone, so I’m distracting myself doing other things, such as applying for jobs within my degree field. Luckily, psychology is a pretty versatile degree, so there’s plenty of different job fields I could go into. I also am feeling a bit of pride today because I left Dino on read earlier. He keeps saying he wants to be friends but he doesn’t really talk to me, so I don’t see the point in pushing a conversation that he doesn’t want to have. I don’t want to be his backup girl in case things don’t go the right way for him. I would want to be with him again, but right now it’s not plausible if we aren’t friends. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. I dunno, I just prefer to be close to someone that I am dating. Such is life. Alright, I’m gonna take some muscle relaxers because my back is hurting tonight. 

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