01/08/18 — Back to Work

We went back to work today. There were no kids though, so we just kinda did nonsense all day while the teachers and admin were in their meetings. This nonsense included making absent student phone calls for the Friday before break, making notes about said phone calls, sitting through a faculty meeting for almost two hours, and moving dictionaries to teacher’s classrooms (which we then found out was the wrong thing to do because there weren’t enough dictionaries). There also was some random drama throughout the day that Christy and I decided to ignore because neither of us were in the mood for it. People just decided to act like assholes, and we were kinda like, “Alright, you do you. We’ll be over here eating some pizza until you decide that you’re on the same level as us”. Which really isn’t true, because Christy and I both worked our asses off and got our degrees, while these people started before us but are still in school… Just saying. I’m just sick of the bullshit right now, because I have too much other shit to worry about. 

Sorry for the cussing, it was just a long day. I spent some time after work with Monica, her brother, and his kid. We got Cici’s then fucked around at Walmart (again) for a little bit. It’s nice to have friends who actually care and want to see me. The last time we broke up, it felt like I had no one. I’m glad I’ve been more open with my friends about this and that they’re supportive of me and whatever I decide to do. 


To whoever is reading this, have a good night. 

(From Bulbasaur too)

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