[160] ~*Mon – 01/08/18*~

[9:11 pm]

Gosh! I haven’t wrote since Fri. Now I’m trying to think of what I’ve done during that time that I haven’t took the time to write. My brain hurts just trying to think about it. Haha!

So Sat I worked and we went to see Molly’s Game which was super great. The movie was more than two hours and I didn’t even felt it. Normally I get annoyed after two hours but I was sure the movie wasn’t even two hours. We got out and I was like “What?! The movie was actually this long..” so yea. Movie made me want to play poker. Not to make money but to play. I love playing poker but I haven’t played in the longest time cause we never have time to get a game together. We should get some people together one night and totally play. After the movie I went over to my friend’s place for a lil as I had to go pick up hub from work in like an hour so I just went to her place instead of coming all the way back home. I really can’t wait to have my car so we don’t have to share one car cause having to pick him up is bleh. Fri I ended up taking a nice relaxing bath but I then had to get dress to go pick up hub from work so kinda broke the relaxing spell of the bath.

Anyways, Sun I worked at the store which went really well. We have a new supervisor in training and I really like her. After work we went out to the restaurant as it was our Xmas party. It was nice but not a place I’d go again cause I’m really picky for food and there wasn’t really anything I ate beside a burger which was too expensive for my liking. I wasn’t going to go but decided to go in the end. I got home I was so tired that I didn’t even take a bath which sorta scared me this morning cause I thought my back was going to be in pain. I used to be in so much pain on Mon cause of working at the store on Sun but then I started taking baths on Sun’s night and it helps a lot. Surprisingly my back was fine this morning which I’m totally fine with.

My eye is getting really better, not much “blood” left, just a tiny spot. I did have a huge headache today thought. I’m still coughing and still feel like I have some mucus left in my throat but I think it’s getting better, I’m not sure anymore. In the morning I feel fine and during the day as well, once the evening hit it kinda starts building up and at night when I go to bed I have a hard time with my swallowing cause I feel I have stuff in my throat. So I’m not sure of what’s going on anymore. I almost went to the clinic but I’m trying to wait until I see my doc on the 23rd. I had a scared Sat cause I felt like it was so close to coming out but I was so scared to cough cause I didn’t want to hurt my eye again. I felt like my throat was really blocked and I was almost panicking. I just can’t wait for this to be done with but I’m also scared that it’s something more serious which I’m trying not to think about right now. I’m still taking the med I got last week and will keep taking it.

Now I don’t remember if it was Fri or Sat night but when I went to the stairs that goes to the bedrooms, I saw that there was a light on in the back bedroom. I opened the door and the lamp was on. How?! That lamp didn’t used to be plugged in but mother-in-law had plugged it in when our niece slept over and it stayed plugged in. Anyways, it was on and no one ever goes in that bedroom and the door is always closed. I blamed my brother for that one but I asked him to do it again if it was really him and sadly, nothing. The power did blink but that was the day before. It’s not really possible that it had been on for a whole day as I would of seen it when I was going up the stairs the night before as I could clearly see a light under the door when I was going up the stairs. Oh well.. another mystery just like the sunroof opening by itself in the car. Once again, blamed my brother for that one. Haha!

Today I went to work and then hub dropped me off at my friend before going to work then me and her went to the Casino. I played mom’s $20 and go $20 out. My friend played her $5 plus $5 of her own and didn’t win anything so I gave her another $5 to play and she got $30 out. She was so excited that it was adorable. She gave me all the money so I paid our lunch and split the $30 between the two of us. We each had used $5 of our own money so we both got out of there with $10 which isn’t much but it’s still something. I told her I was taking her to the hairdresser tomorrow and she’s pretty excited about it. I can’t believe it’s already time to get my hair done. I feel I haven’t complained about the color fading this time. Haha!

So yea, that’s pretty much what has been going on since the last time I wrote. I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some stuff but that’s the big picture.




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