At Least I Walked….

I did walk today like I agreed with myself about. However I haven’t left the house after that. I’ve been trying to draw a new house but it’s just coming together. That’s fine…I still have my Fantasy and that works. I’ve been just watching TV and looking at pictures. Being unhealthy and knowing that I have to go to work tomorrow early. Hopefully there will be nothing going on as I’m awaiting a call back from that situation a few weeks ago. I bought my tickets for the family thing I have to travel to. I got half off the air fare which is good as it’s costing that much to stay in a hotel for two nights. I’ve thought of that and it sounds good as I’ll have a space to go to that will be mine and I won’t have anyone around. Fringe benefit. Anyway….I’ll just continue with my day. I have a fantasy. Thanks

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