Day 8 of 365 2018 – Elevating to The Next Level

Song of the Day:  Fly Away by Sugarland

Well no much to report today but staying consistent. As the days go on I’m presented with new challenges. Throughout today I’ve been dealt with moments where I can point out that things get better and hearts heels. I told myself that I  have a lot to work on when it comes to love. In 2018 I will no longer let infatuation steer me down a road of despair. I’ve allowed myself for too long to be mentally controlled by infatuation.  Though it isn’t easy with each coming day I realize more and more that it isn’t the foundation of love but me trying to fill this empty void with pieces that don’t fit.

Also a failure today on my part I didn’t go to the gym our of pure laziness. This isn’t gonna be an easy journey but it will be a positive journey. Something like this takes time and I’m looking forward to trying to be proactive. 

Until Next Time – Cherish The Tradition

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