Monday down the drain

Finally, another Monday is down the drain. I really dislike the first day of the week, especially when it comes to a work week. It wouldn’t be so bad, at the job, if I followed someone who knew exactly what they were doing when closing, but in my Monday case, I don’t. I work the early a.m., and follow a person who closes, who could careless how the work place works after they clock out. It was a total mess in the work place. I have come to accept it now, just go in earlier, and take care of the things that need to be taken care of. My bosses do not do anything about it, no matter how many times I say something, but that inner perfectionist inside of me, just trudges along, and takes care of what needs to be done for my shift. Not to mention, the other person, who is very sarcastic in nature, has a few choice words as well. 

Today’s weather was rainy, cloudy and cool today. Oregon’s liquid sunshine beaming with glory. The cafe was very busy today. I was the only one on the floor, handling the bar, the banquet room, and cafe floor. I kept up alright. I had a party of 8 in the banquet room who was having a meeting, from 10 a.m. and by the time I left there at 2:00 p.m., they were still there. All the rooms were busy today. 

I have to figure out what to make for our nightly meal. I get tired of trying to figure out what to cook. I don’t know how many times I open the freezer, cupboards, and refrigerator, just to figure out what to have.  Should I make grilled cheese sandwiches? Should I make something with Mac and cheese? Should I make breakfast? I have no clue yet. I will have to open and close things in order to have an ah ha moment.  Hubby and I usually go out to eat, since we are empty nesters, it saves me from doing dishes, but dang going out to eat sure eats up our funds. I am trying not to do that so much. 

I suppose I best go and figure out what needs to be cooked. OH the pressure. LOL.

2 thoughts on “Monday down the drain”

  1. I have been cooking more for my hubby. The struggle is real. Haha

  2. It truly is almost more trouble then it’s worth cooking for two. We have an eating out problem too. It’s just so easy to do.

    I wanted to comment back on your comment on my last post. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to turn down loaning money to your children. I have a hard enough time with friends. I was happy when I got to the point of no longer borrowing from my parents. I can happily say I haven’t since I was 22. I know it is not the cast for alot of adults these days though. You should def put your foot down occasionally though. You sound like you work hard for what you have, and you should enjoy some of it as well.

    Take care.

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