Thank you to a Narcissist

I don’t thank you for what you did or how you made me feel, I do thank you for making me realise what I deserve, the warning signs of what to avoid and thank you for making me feel the best I ever have since leaving you! 

I used the gym as a mental escape and coping mechanism. As you were getting bigger, more insecure and controlling I was getting stronger, more confident and in love with myself – not you. 

Since leaving you I feel so free, liberated and love me! I’m so excited to spend some time on my own and get back to being me with my sparkle. 

It’s sad to think after 3 1/2 years of being with you the happiest people have seen me in that time was the day after it ended.

You never thought I’d do it. Now I’m so glad I did and it’s daunting that the future is a mystery but I’m learning to find it exciting. A blank canvas for me to start painting! 

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