It gets better

Honestly I don’t know how to start this but I just want you guys to know it does get better. I suffer a lot from severe depression and anxiety and a lot of other things. Since 4th-5th grade I didn’t want to do anything, always crying and hating myself for being fat and ugly and being the outcast. From there it went downhill. I felt alone even though I had “friends”. No one really understood how I was feeling they just saw it as I was looking for attention because I have a great family life and got things I wanted well they assumed I did I had to work for those things like good grades and things like that. Well my heart knew that I had a great life but my mind was different the things that ran through my head were ” you aren’t good enough” or ” You should end it people would be happy without you” Well. No one understood I got tired of It and started acting out my 8th grade year. ran away with someone older than me and got found my parents didn’t understand for awhile which I don t blame them for not understanding. I didn’t give them a chance to explain. well that guy I ran away with lied and told everyone at the high school I slept with and 10 other dudes. and that I got¬†knocked up. Well I got called a whore and shit for a long time. I started high school and finally talked to someone about something I’m not going to put online for the sake of me. no one knows but my uncle. He died right before my sophomore year. Well. I am now a senior and I have a friend yes just one. I work as a student cna starting to open up and work on myself I’m slowly getting better and what I’m trying to say is that there is hope. just keep trying it does get better. I promise. This is a small summer of my life. its true from expirence just know youre not alone. I’m here for you

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