Why can’t I just tell you that I’m in love with you?

     I still remember the day I first saw you, a small barbecue at a mutual friend’s house. Your smile was immediately infectious and ever since then I could never take you off my mind. I don’t know how to really explain this but my mind is a bit on the blurry side with most things, I call it selective memory for I usually tend to forget lots of things. But I can’t ever forget the feeling I instantly got from you, I felt calm and most importantly I felt like I could really be myself without putting a front. We didn’t talk much, in fact when we all packed up and were supposed to continue the party, I lost you guys and went home. Ever since that moment we met, I can still remember every minute involving you. You moved back to Boston temporarily for school and we talked every day, we still kind of do but it’s just not been the same.

     I’m just kind of following what I’m thinking in my head and just trying to put it into words on how I feel about you. Every time I get a message from you or I feel like messaging you I just want to tell you how you make me feel but I just cant. I don’t even understand why I’m even on here writing this about you, maybe I just couldn’t hold it all in for myself and just needed to take the edge off. Every song I’ve ever listened to about love and pain never mattered to me because they were just words to me, but with you… you give all those words meaning and I can feel the lyrics and how they relate to how I feel about you.

     Almost two years now that I’ve felt like this… I’ll always be there for you no matter what.

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