[161] ~*Tue – 01/09/18*~

[8:43 pm]

That man of mine, I swear, I don’t know what to do with him anymore. His alarm went off at noon today so he would get up and get things ready for the car but of course, he didn’t get up. My alarm was set up for 12:25 so when it went off, I got up but he stayed in bed. I started getting ready and then I went outside to shovel the steps and behind the car, I cleaned both cars cause I needed to switch them around in the driveway so I could back up the car and put the tires in it. I did all of that and brought the four tires in the car. I got pissed off cause I did all of that and hub was still in bed when I got inside. He had changed his alarm for 1 pm but that wouldn’t of giving him enough time to do all of that, the apt was at 1:30 pm. Grr! I told him to clean the driveway for that with the blower where the cars were. Did he do it?! Nope! He said he would do it tomorrow and he better.

After getting the car done and all that, we came home and I left again cause I needed to pick up my friend and go to the hairdresser. I had told hub to call Rogers to tell them we were cancelling the installation. Did he do it?! Nope. Arg! Again, said he would do it tomorrow. He also didn’t clean the suggies kitchen and he’s in bed right now. He said he was going to do it later which he will prob sleep super late. I don’t know what to do with that man anymore. I spoil him way too much.

Anyways, my hair.. of course I need to complain about something. Haha! I just don’t understand why one side always ends up taking the pink better than the other one. My left side is always a nice pink but the right side seem to always bleed in so it’s more like purple-ish. For some reason I also feel that my hair isn’t short enough but I think she cut the same as she normally do. I don’t know! She also burned my ear with the straightener. Meanie! I use a different kind of straightener than her so I’m never really sure about my hair before the day after when I straight my hair back so I will only see tomorrow if I’m really happy with the hair or not. I might go see her to cut it a bit shorter. I think I find my hair so long because my friend went really short and I might be comparing my hair to hers without really knowing it. Like I said, we shall see how I feel about it tomorrow. In general I’m quite pleased, just wish that darn pink could turn out alright but it never does and every single time I tell myself I will stop with the pink but always get it done anyways.

So yea, I paid for my friend’s haircut cause I felt like she needed it. A nice haircut always makes you feel better and she’s in a really bad place right now so I decided to get her one. She was a bit nervous as she had never went to my hairdresser but I believe she was very pleased with the result which is good.

Me and hub were supposed to go to a friend tonight to play some games but my friend ended up cancelling cause she wasn’t feeling well. I’m not sure when we’ll get together now as next week we’re going to my mom. So yea, we were supposed to go out but now that we aren’t, hub’s in bed. Blah him! I guess it’s alright as I am using the computer right now instead of the laptop. I think he went to bed cause he’s depressed. Haha! He can’t play his game cause he has to use the old computer as he needs to send some parts to get fix on the new computer, again. I’m really not impressed with this new computer at all as we already sent it once and now we need to send the RAM as one bar wasn’t working. That said, it will prob take like a month before we get the new ones so he won’t be able to play his game for a month and he’s already all depressed about it. He’s been watching vids on YouTube, a bit sad. So I think that’s why he went to bed cause he’s discouraged. He tried to install it on the old PC and he couldn’t even install it.

I think that’s pretty much it for today. Finally got the winter tires put on the car so now I will feel safe to drive clients in that car. I still really don’t like the fact that I need to use that car for work but I don’t have a choice right now. Can’t wait for my car to be fix. It will be in the body shop next week and then I’m not too sure how long it will take for it to be fix but hopefully not too long as I still have to bring it to the garage as well.

Time for some shows and then a quick shower. Oh! My eye is totally healed. Woot woot! I’m still having trouble with my throat but I do believe it’s slowly getting better so I will keep taking that med until I see the doc. It says you can take it up to four weeks so I will.




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