Anonymity of a Journal

I thought I might write a journal about me and the drama, that is my life…

I chose to write it here, as the best thing about it is you can remain anonymous, if you choose to. Along with still interacting with people and knowing there thoughts about whatever you want an opinion on, without them knowing you appeals to me. I’m not sure why? Maybe a few of you will understand this? Or even be doing it for the same reason.

Just a bit about me: (just in case you were curious)

Like a just said I’m not going to go into too much detail, or there wouldn’t be much point in being anonymous. 

I struggle a lot with a few mental illnesses. Depression, anxiety and I am recovering from an eating disorder. I do a lot of overthinking and my sleeping pattern is all over the place.

I’m a 20 year old female. Who lives in England. I live with my mum and her boyfriend. I do see my dad. I have a full time job, (that I actually like) in accounts and admin. The people I work with are so lovely too! It makes everything a bit nicer, when you like your job and the people, don’t you think?

Well there you go! My first journal, I hope you enjoyed it!


Write soon,

Autumn_Sparrow x

6 thoughts on “Anonymity of a Journal”

  1. Hi Trishina 🙂 Wow – I was still writing this entry, when I got the email for your comment! It made me smile, that you just wanted to say hello! I just thought you should know. I would you to know you are not alone either! Feel free to drop me a comment anytime! (I’m still getting the hang of this, not sure if theres a message function?) We do all have our demons, we need each other fight them – the more the merrier! I hope you have a fantastic day yourself! (depending on your timezone of course)
    -Autumn_Sparrow x

  2. Hi Autumn. I’m glad you have taken the step to share your thoughts. I’ve found that writing things down has helped me tremendously. I look forward to reading any future entries. Have a nice evening.

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