Spirit Communication Dangers

January 12, 2018

10:30 pm

  These negative spirit attachments have been moderately active this evening. Mostly, they’ve been harassing me with the voices, getting in close and talking into one of my ears. For the most part, it’s rather faint, but is still quite noticeable. Mainly, I’m hearing them in that higher pitch manner that I often hear them in. it’s hard to pin down how many separate voices I’m hearing (since often there is some distortion or some effect to them, but mostly I’ve been hearing the younger sounding and tormenting female voice that I’ve been hearing the most often……going back to 2015 when I was experimenting with EVP for a short time.

   During the last couple of weeks of my recording, I was hearing her voice quite often when I went back and reviewed my sessions. Ever since, I’ve been hearing her with just my ears……this is a real danger. These spirits or entities…..can sometimes in someway hone in on and gain access to your perceptions in some way ….often your hearing perception range. From there, they’ll often try and communicate with you whether you want them to or not. In fact, often these entities will try and communicate with you on a constant around the clock basis….and often in a rather domineering way.

January 13, 2018

8:45 am

  Last night was a bit rough as far as dealing with these negative spirit attachments go. I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep. But, more than that……even though I took some sleep-aid, I did not pass out that quickly. Instead, I lingered in that state of being half-awake / half-asleep. It seemed like I was lingering in this state for quite a while, but it’s hard to tell…..I essentially seem to lose all real sense of time.  But, (as usually seems to be the case) when I’m in this state, these spirit attachments seem to have more ability to mess with me. Last night was no exception to this unfortunate trend.

  It didn’t seem as if it occurred right away after I went to bed, but I remember experiencing some escalated physical harassment last night. I remember feeling some jabs and also the localized vibration sensation that I so often feel…..and last night, this strange vibration sensation seemed very much intent on causing me aggravation. I remember the physical sensations started with a feeling of something essentially clinging to and slightly moving on my back. This is one of the more common physical sensations that I experience these days.

  Last night, the physical disturbances were more intense than they have been for a little while…..at least a few weeks. It definitely appears to be the case that whenever I slip into this half-awake / half-asleep state, I’m left more open and vulnerable to the harassment of these spirit attachments. About a month ago, I had quite and intense experience while being in this in between state one night. While in this state, I suddenly felt two hands holding me down by each wrist and then begin to shake me quite intensely.  I was half-asleep, but I was very much aware of what was happening. My first attempts to break free of this grip failed…..I simply couldn’t muster the energy. But, after a few moments, I started to shake off my half-asleep state more and I was able to break free and at this point, the assault ended…..at least the physical part of it, the voices still remained.

  This morning when I awoke, these spirit attachments were right there with the voices and also they were causing me some mild physical disturbances. At one point, I felt a small but intense vibration sensation right at my ear…..right underneath my pillow and then the harassing younger female sounding voice started to speak directly into my ear. It was one of those mornings where I was a little slow in fully waking up and getting myself out of bed. So, I suppose that this allowed me to be in a more vulnerable position for them to get in some early morning harassment.

   For the most part though, it still remains the case that things generally start out relatively mild in the morning, but often escalate in the evenings. This is still generally the case, but of course, it all depends. The past two weeks (with the exception of last night) were what I’d consider more on the milder side. But, the two weeks prior to that, things were at a more escalated level. At least in this instance, I do believe that this has at least something to do with the fact that a month ago, I was just starting my two-week holiday break from work. I confess that a few days into my break, I became rather lethargic and wasn’t really doing much of anything.

   It wasn’t long before the presence of these negative spirit attachments (with the constant voices and frequent physical disturbances), started to really get to me…..more so than usual I’d say.  It certainly made me see the value in keeping myself occupied with something. Whether it’s throwing myself into my work or something else, there is definitely a lot of value in trying to keep your focus on something else……to keep yourself occupied, so that in this way your attention isn’t drawn to them as much. Since I’ve been back to work, things have mellowed out some. There’s still occasions where things escalate (such as last night), but so far this year, things are going better than they were last year. I hope the trend continues.

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