Day 0

Current weight: 196.8

Today I received my Nutrisystem order. It was only a portion of the order because the frozen foods ship separately. I am not going to lie and say it was an exciting experience opening the box and looking at the contents. I was PISSED. For anyone who knows me, I am the pickiest eater of them all. So, on New Year’s Eve when I ordered the plan, I made sure to carefully go through the options to choose foods I would actually like. However, when I got my box, it somehow changed to the Favorites pack. Meaning, I had plain cereal, black beans & rice, etc. So I immediately called Nutrisystem. They told me that somehow, my options never saved before check out and it automatically defaulted to the Favorites pack. But, the representative said we can exchange up to 15 non-frozen items and 15 frozen items for you. Okay, a bit inconvenient but worth it to not have to eat black beans. I asked if I could call back later and she said that was fine, she would note the file. I went through the box and found about 10 things that I would not have ordered and probably would not like. But I realized, I have no idea what is coming in my frozen shipment. So I called back and the new rep listed off the items. There were 9 definitive items I would not eat (like spinach melts and chicken fajita melts). I ask him, so how does this exchange work? He tells me, oh these items cannot be refunded or returned so when you get the items you don’t like, just discard them or donate them and we will send you the replacement items for free. WHAT! I cannot believe they are that generous. I mean, granted, the error was not my fault but they could have said oh well too bad learn to love spinach. I got off the phone super excited again and ready to look at my items. (I did make sure to change my options for next month though, to avoid this hassle again).

The offer that I got for signing up was a free 7 day turbo pack. It literally comes in a separate box. It comprises of 7 breakfast, lunch, dinner, shakes, and turbo bars. They instruct you to eat this the first week for the best results. Most of the items were what I would have ordered any way so that works out. It comes with a small booklet to track your meals for the next 7 days. On top of eating 5 times a day, you also need to fit in 4 servings of veggies. (That is going to be tough). But, bonus! They state you can drink diet soda, but to monitor the caffeine intake. I can do that.


They also give you two guidebooks for after the turbo week. This is where my mind got blown. I knew it was only a 28 day plan but I thought that just meant your next shipment will likely get there before the 28 days are up and that is all the food you will need (besides the veggies). Nope. You will have to “flex” one breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack per week. Ideally, this should not be all in one day. Additionally, you are also supposed to be eating additional protein & smart carbs daily to go with your Nutrisystem entrees. This is where I got a little scared.


Back story. I have always wanted to try Nutrisystem. I have been someone who has struggled with their weight forever. My two main downfalls are: 1. I am extremely lazy and 2. I am extremely picky. So, spending an hour or two to meal prep each week, not likely. I will not find the motivation to spend the time cooking and I will get so sick of the foods I will go on a bender and eat all the fast food in sight. This is why Nutrisystem seemed so ideal for me. I had the foods ready to go and just need to heat it up. Plus, they have enough options to keep my interest. But, the sticker price is a bit of a shock. My first month had a $50 discount so it was $298 per month. The second month is set for $348. My husband likes to budget so I had to find a way to show him the sticker price is not as bad as it seemed.


I am a serial restaurant eater. I went through my credit card statement for the last two months and added up all of the food items (beyond grocery shopping). It came to $533. So, when I decided I was going to try to convince my husband it is not a waste, I used that as ammo. I said it is just a bit more than my normal going out money and that didn’t even include grocery shopping. That, along with my convincing monologue of why I need this, got him to agree this was worth a shot.


So, going back to the flex meals once per week per category and the additional proteins & carbs being added in. Not what I envisioned. Luckily, the first week has all I need except for vegetables so I have some time to get that figured out. I am nervous though. We will see how it goes.

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