Day 2

Day 1 was my first challenge not drinking alcohol. I went to a concert venue and got there too early. My sister and I went to a bar next door and I had the willpower to order a Diet Coke instead of a beer. Mostly, because it was day 1 and I would feel awful cheating on day 1.

Day 2 was my first challenge seeing others eat normal food around me. My husband’s family had a get-together at his parent’s house. I had to make one of my favorite dishes, cheesy potatoes, for everyone else. I stuck with my Nutrisystem food and ate with them. I did allow myself to have ONE small bite of the potatoes, the main meal, and dessert. One bite couldn’t have undid everything, right?



Breakfast- Double chocolate muffin. It was a bit chewier than expected but man was it good. Super chocolaty and did not taste like artificial chocolate either. Also, decent portion size. It was not one of the jumbo muffins but it did take a few minutes to eat it so it was also not a bite-sized mini muffin either. Highly satisfied.

AM Snack – Same flavor of turbo shake except this time I put ice in it as recommended. Poor choice only because I think my ice had that freezer burn taste and it made the shake taste awful.

Lunch – Three cheese chicken pasta. So first, I have to bring up the cooking method. On the instructions, you fill the cup with water, stir, and the microwave it. Normal, right? But afterwards, you have to cover it with foil and let it sit for 5 minutes to allow the sauce to thicken. Definitely not what I would have expected but well worth the wait. The noodles were soft and the cheese sauce was amazing. There were not really chunks of chicken in it so I think it is just a chicken flavoring. There were some small bits of red pepper which normally I do not like but it was subtle so overall, highly satisfied. I did have two of my four veggie servings with lunch so my plate looked massive.

PM Snack – Same nutricurb protein bar flavor.

Dinner- Chili with beans. I had very high expectations for this item and would have been devastated if it would have been terrible. Luckily, it was also delicious. Decent portion size. Very plentiful with beans & meat. On the package, it said tomatoes were in it too but I did not find any chunks (thankfully). The taste of the chili was in my opinion, comparable to Steak & Shake. Not exact, but close. I had another two servings of veggies with dinner.


Today I liked all of my choices. All three were items I would have picked originally. I am finding that with eating every 2.5 hours, I am not hungry. Plus, on this program if you do get hungry, you can eat as many veggies as you want.Today was also a challenge because it was Saturday and I am used to lounging around & snacking. But because I knew I was going to eat again soon, I never had hunger and never felt tempted. Even with eating dinner a bit earlier (I think we ate dinner around 5 and I had my protein bar at 4 – oops). The rest of the night, I did not feel hungry. So far, it is going very well and it is keeping me optimistic that I can do well on this program.

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