Day 3

Today was relatively easy. Only ate because I realized it was time to eat, not because I was hungry. There was no way today I could eat the fourth serving of vegetables. I am so full. It is only 6 pm right now so maybe I will have it as a snack later tonight.


Breakfast- Blueberry Lemon Baked Bar. This is not something I would have ordered originally. I am not a big fan of blueberry or lemon. It was a decent size and had a good lemon flavor. The blueberry was not very present. However, you can definitely tell it was baked because it was on the dry side. But, it wasn’t bad. Not sure I would order it again.

AM Snack – Turbo shake. Did not add ice this time. Much better

Lunch – Chocolate Peanut butter bar (had to start eating some of the bars they gave me). I would have ordered this originally. Flavor & size was good. It was very chewy, which is good because it forces you to eat slower. It makes you feel like you are getting more for your meal than a granola bar. Better texture than the protein bar. I would order it again but I am going to try and limit the amount of bars I get per month since they do not really feel like a good value. Had one serving of veggies.

PM Snack – Chocolate Peanut butter nutricurb protein bar. Same as the past 2 days.

Dinner – Italian Herb Flatbread pizza. I was really looking forward to this one. It was something I would have ordered originally. I was a bit curious about the cheese as it comes in a box that is meant to be kept in the pantry. But I try not to think of it too much. I did like that it came as a kit, not pre-made. The crust was thick for a flatbread and you could see all the herbs baked in. The crust was delicious. Pizza sauce was your typical pizza sauce and they definitely give you a lot. I could have left some off for sure. Cheese looked like shaved Parmesan cheese. Definitely not enough cheese, but, is there ever such a thing any way? I added crushed red pepper and really enjoyed the pizza. I will get it again. I ate two servings of veggies and am glad that we are able to add in seasonings like Mrs Dash no salt garlic & herb. Makes the veggies go a bit easier. I realized today that I ate corn in my mixed veggies yesterday & today which is considered a starchy vegetable (which I am not supposed to have). I will make sure I won’t eat it too much more but it was all I had in the house.


I am hoping to see a good change on the scale tomorrow. 3 full days on the program should start to show something, right? I am actually kind of looking forward to the second week because I will be able to work out. On the first week, due to the changes in your diet and low amount of calories, they suggest you do not work out. At first, I was thinking don’t have to tell me twice. But now, I am looking forward to working out because it should help propel my weight loss even more.


I have not had any strong cravings yet. I am a fast-food lover and seeing commercials definitely makes me want it but not strongly. As I get further into this program, hopefully it will get even easier.

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