Day 5

I was not hungry AT ALL today. Honestly, driving home I kept thinking man, I could totally skip dinner. But, I didn’t because it is not healthy to skip meals. Overall, today was a good day. 



Breakfast – Cinnamon Streusel Muffin.  Same portion size as the double chocolate muffin. Not bad but not a jumbo muffin size either. Super flavorful with cinnamon. It was not dry. Definitely would order again.

AM Snack – Turbo shake

Lunch – Loaded Potato. This legitimately was a bowl of instant potatoes with bacon pieces. I do not think I put enough water in it because the instructions state to take it out before the water boils over. The water I did put in it was soaked up. But, even though I probably did not cook it right the texture of the potatoes was still fluffy. Honestly, the flavor was on point and the serving size ended up being a lot of food! I left lunch today so full. I would order this again. I had two servings of vegetables with lunch.

PM Snack – Turbo bar

Dinner – Chicken Pasta Parmesan.  This is not what you think it would be. My thought of chicken parm is a breaded chicken breast over spaghetti. This was rotini style noodles in a marinara sauce with small chunks of chicken. The chicken was kind of dry but the pieces were small enough that it didn’t make it tough to eat or anything. I had broccoli as my vegetable and mixed it in with the sauce. It filled my whole plate doing it that way so value point was definitely hit. The taste was really good, it just was not what I envisioned at first. I would order this again. 


My replacement frozen items came today. I am so excited to start eating the frozen items starting Friday (after the turbo week). Plus, my husband would thank me for making room in the freezer. 

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