i’ve been dreaming a lot recently. like, every night. and they’re extremely vivid, so vivid that when i wake up i think it’s real. the other night i had a dream that my phone shattered and i couldn’t pay for a new one, and when i woke up i expected to not have my phone at all. but just like usual, my phone was right there next to me.

i’ve always had vivid dreams, but they only came every once in a while. and they’re normally nightmares. in one there was a shooting at my work and my best friend died, and i woke up crying at 3am. in another, my house burned down along with my family, and to this day i’m not a big fan of fire. there are many more, but these are the ones that impacted me the most.

when i was really little, i had this recurring dream that i was in a black and white room and the walls would close in on me until i couldn’t breathe, and then they would go out and the process would start all over again. these dreams were the cause of my claustrophobia.

i just read an article that explains how mental health issues can cause vivid dreams or nightmares, especially PTSD. good thing i’m diagnosed with that!! but this has never happened before, not multiple nights in a row like this. maybe it’s just acting up now because my anxiety/stress is so high. 

well how the fuck do i fix this?

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