Raining…9th Jan 2018/ 11.01AM

The weather these days are so unpredictable, yesterday was sunny..today it is raining. Husband finally back from out stationed for a month. Went to meet up  dad with sis last Friday and had a good chat with him. Sad seeing him really tired with his works.. still have to work at 58. I wish I have the money so that he don’t have to work that hard. 🙁 . I want my parents to live till 1000 years . I wish..

So, I got my period today..which means I am not pregnant..again.. I already expected that. But like they said..try again and again and again . Tired of hearing people asking and mentioning ..oh why don’t you try this.. oh why don’t you adopt. I know adopting is  good thing to do , but I am still not ready yet, I am going 31 this year..so is it to late for me to be pregnant and have a baby growing inside me? I know I know adopting is good.. but.. just not ready .

I know when I’m going back next month to my hometown ..some of the relatives will ask again…no baby yet? Last time an uncle even asked me loudly in front of everyone ” did both of you get ur “factories” checked?!!” I just give him a fake smile . Believe me.. we did.. I even went to do a laparoscopic surgery to clear my cysts and check if my tubes are blocked, but it’s not . My period has been regular since my minor surgery . I guess..it’s all about luck.. I am still hoping …

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  1. I’m sorry infertility is a battle you have been given. It pulls at your heartstrings constantly, and definitely tests your relationship with God (should you have one). Hang in there girl. No advice; it sounds like you have plenty of that. But so much empathy. I’ve been there.

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