[162] ~*Wed – 01/10/18*~

[9:13 pm]

My purse decided to die tonight. Haha! I had been looking in stores and online for a while now, trying to find one that I like but can’t seem to find any that suits me. I finally decided to order one online last night as I knew mine was very close to giving up as it was basically hanging by a thread. It decided to let go tonight but I made a quick surgery and fixed it up for now until I get the one I ordered. Hope it doesn’t take too long to get here. Poor purse! I’m not really sure about the one I ordered but it was the best I could do as nothing was catching my attention. At least I’ll have one for now and I can always keep looking for something else.

I’m also kinda looking for a new job but I’m not sure yet. I love my job but I’m just tired of the car thing. I’d want to find a job where I don’t need to use my car, I’m just not sure what. Of course I can’t take any job that pays less than what I have as I couldn’t afford my living so that’s a bit challenging but I might look into group homes or something like that which should pay around the same or even more. I still wish I could just work in correctional but it’s too damn hard to get into. Maybe if I find a normal 9 to 5 job I could always work evenings at a Halfway House. Who knows! It’s a new year so I’m looking at possibilities for myself.

I’m still not too sure about my hair. I really hate how I’m never happy about anything and how it’s always the same when I just got my hair done. I think I’m okay with the length of it but it’s the darn pink. It always shows more on one side and I don’t understand why and I keep telling myself I will stop with the pink but I always end up having it re-done. Bleh me! I try to ignore it but I catch myself looking in the mirror and trying to figure out to why it’s not equal. I try to set it up so it matches but it never does. I wonder if I should try a different color maybe, maybe that one side doesn’t show as much as it always seem to bleed more on that side for some weird reason and the pink never turns out like it should. Maybe I should put a purple instead of the pink, just a different shade of purple than the top of my head. Arg! I just don’t know.

Anyways, my last client ended up cancelling so I went to the buffet at the Casino with hub and his brother-in-law. I ended up playing $20. Gaw! Of course I lost. Darn gambling!

Hub’s in bed right now. He’s so sad and depressed cause he can’t play his game. Makes me sad as well to see him that way. I’m still upset with him thought. He did call Rogers to cancel but he hasn’t done the driveway yet. Again, he said he’d do it tomorrow before work. We all know that he won’t do it. He said there wasn’t that much snow so I think he’s waiting for a second storm hoping that the tractor will get it and that he won’t have to do it. It’s true that there isn’t that much but there is still some and I would like it to be cleared. I’m going to end up shoveling it really soon and I think I shouldn’t have to do it as I do everything else. 

Of course I had to stop writing, run to the bathroom and look at my hair. Conclusion of the moment: left side is pink which you see more, right side is more purple due to bleeding so you don’t see it as much as the pink. That said, I’m debating on texting my hairdresser to see what we can do. I go through this every single time so I really don’t know why I keep trying the pink as one side always take and the other doesn’t. I’ve been looking at pictures online to figure out what I’d want to do and I think maybe switch the pink to magenta. Maybe that could work?! I want to text her RIGHT NOW but it’s late so I should wait tomorrow. Gaw! I wonder if I should ask her to try it now or wait in two months. All I know is that I got to stop doing this pink cause it’s just driving me nuts. I just always hope that it will turn out alright but it never ever does. I need to stop thinking about it but it’s so damn hard. Why oh why am I like I am?! I will text her first thing tomorrow to see what she thinks about the magenta and if I should go back to try it out now or wait. I kinda want to wait after a wash to see if it will bleed more on the left side so it will match more but that’s still almost a whole week away. I just can’t wait!

Alright, it’s late so I better get going if I want to watch at least one show before bed time. 


* I think I’ve decided to change the way I put colors to my entries as it can sometimes be hard on the eyes. I’ve always tried to match the colors of my text to the pictures I put but I think that from now on I will stick to a simple color. As far as pictures, I think I can still manage to put some for a while.




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