I think it’s somehow both cruel and liberating that the end of a year forces you to step into a new year, giving you a chance to make new resolutions that sprouted from bad and good experiences, or forcing you to think that things will be better, but when things doesn’t actually get better, you’ll be put into the cycle, making new resolutions, year after year that actually resembles the year before’s.

So it’s actually my first time out in the night joining the counting down to the New Years, because actually the new year is pretty much nothing, just a time frame, record.
The only thing that stuck with me was while viewing the fireworks, was how lonely it was. That there wasn’t anyone special I could watch it with lol. I guess that’s part of life and it’s good that I spend the first new year night out alone/with friends. But oh wells.

But having said that, the highlight of the night was finally having the guts to rise the G-Max Reverse Bungee @ Clark Quay!!! I think for that moment, I really forgot all my troubles and really just focused on one emotion: fucking fear. HAHAHAH gosh, it’s actually pretty scary! But I must say, t’was a good ride!
I highly recommend it. I wouldn’t say it was money’s worth. But definitely moment’s worth.

The night ended with hot choc @bucks, couldn’t really remember much of the conversation details as I was already zoning off. And I guess I’m not much of a night person.

I’m back home and sheesh, starting the new year with work that I don’t enjoy, but it’s alright. I’ll try to make things better this year.

First resolution of the year: Don’t be late for work.

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