For how Long?

I’m honestly not sure, for how long more will I be able to have this much patience, tolerance and endurance to always keep talking to you. To always try to make you see that, there’s more than just one way of thinking, a different opinion, than just yours.

1. There is no one to blame. There is nothing to bring fault to. When things happen, things aren’t always who’s right and who’s wrong. But rather perhaps, who handled it right and who handled it better.

2. When you try to bring yourself up into a higher platform, you will almost always take a huge fall, for your podium of pride that’s made up of snide remarks, negative words of putting people down, it will all dissipate one day. Even if it doesn’t, when your podium has raised too high, it will leave you with no friends, no one else that is comparable with you because to you, everyone is less than you. When you start to surround yourself with the words you say, it’ll only create a vision of blurred lines of what’s right and what’s wrong, a vision of fog, haze, smoke, a vision of disillusionment, that will only choke you one day.

You will be the true sole reason of your own downfall.

3. Sometimes, I don’t know what’s in it for me that I keep trying to make things better.

Perhaps it’s the belief that you might allow other people’s perspectives to flow into you one day.

You are not broken.

But you have believed yourself to be disabled.

4. Never cut a person when they are talking for it could be the last words they will ever say. Be fair and give the person their right to voice their opinions as they did for you. It is not how much you have managed to say, but rather how much was heard and understood properly by the other person. Then that is when you have managed to effectively communicate with somebody else.

5. There’s only so much of myself that I can offer. It is easy to leave everything behind and start something new. But knowing that you have this sort of loose ends that you haven’t tied will have you continuously stepping on them. They are attached the dress you wear, and one day they might just actually be connected to the loose thread at your hem and with each step, the loose threads gets longer and destroys the pretty dress, leaving you naked and vulnerable. Not literally of course, but the loose ends you’ve decided to ignore, will only come back to haunt you and cause your own emotional turmoil one day.
I don’t want something that I’ve decided to leave behind actually still tailing behind me, waiting for me to step on it one day.

That is perhaps why, I keep trying.

And you should too.

I guess.

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