Missed a few days

The kids went back to school, well I say kids my 4 year old is currently on antibiotics for a illness so they won’t allow him in school.. But I’ll update u on what happend on Saturday it’s only short anyways..

Putting the flat pack up Saturday and we were two 50ml screws short!! This resulted in me and R arguing for the 50th time! R was saying it was the companies fault and he was demanding that a man comes to our house tomorrow AM with the said 2 x 50ml screws! And a few swear words in between! I said “it will be us” it’s always us!! There’s never a screw missing 😂 low and behold we found the 2 screws that we had put in the wrong holes! Nothing worse than getting screwed in the wrong hole!! Anyway he was saying “oh well sometimes it’s easier to blame others” at this point my oldest son waltzes in and declares “yeah I get what you mean Dad! Sometimes we have to blame others! Like when I fart at school, I just say “who’s farted” 😂😂 proper tickled me!!! The things kids say lmfao x. X. X

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