This pain won’t go away

Dear Diary,

I have been trying to keep myself busy and not think of my friend. There are times when I feel that there are so many things troubling me and this burden won’t just go. If only he was there any pain or any trouble wouldn’t have felt this much . Everyday I pray for him to come back and just talk to me. I don’t know why things are so difficult and why can’t he understand that I need him in my life. He is so much more to me than he can ever imagine. I guess the question is where do I lie in his life. If he knew this answer he won’t just stop talking to me for some silly reason. I don’t know what to do I can only pray and through my thoughts make him miss me. 

Please come back I need you by my side even if it is just for a while. I miss you and I don’t know if you do. I just hope you are okay and doing fine. Take care my friend. My doors are always open to you no matter when. I can wait for you even if you grow old, but just talk to me please.

2 thoughts on “This pain won’t go away”

  1. He is aware I guess but I always feel that he is a differeent person while texting to meeting face to face. I can convince him when he is face to face and he does agree but when during texting I guess it is hard. I tried all ways but at the same time I don’t want him to be fed up of me. He is my close friend and I guess something even more which I can’t express. We haven’t spoken since January and this time I don’t know how long it will take for this cold war to stop. The thing is I am married so he keeps his distance which I understand but that doesn’t mean that he should go this far to misunderstand me in such a way as to put the veil of ignorance and avoidance before me.

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