1.11.18 – 10:25am: echoes and windy days

Hello, goodmorning~ Today I woke up pretty early @6:25am or so. I felt a bit discombobulated, thinking it was gonna be 3 or 4am since it was still dark. And again I woke up hearing an echo of a female voice fade, maybe my dream? The day before it was a mans voice asking for help and I got an image of a man by my bed, but like a dream it faded. I do my best not to let things like this faze me. I know I’m safe and protected. 

I stayed up late last night again. For a while, now, I’ve been trying to conjure up an idea to draw or PAINT, mainly. It hit me out of nowhere, I am going to paint, what I feel represents a part of Mexican culture. The bright coloured houses, painted like marigolds or the bright blue sky. The beautiful array of cactus of all shapes and forms. And hopefully a woman wearing Mexican inspired fashion in a power pose, cause ya know we’re powerful ;). 

Today is a beautiful windy day, all that is needed is some rain. That is my favorite kind of weather. 

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