130. Dating is nothing but an annoyance

Sometimes… I wonder if I lack the emotion, or emotional connection people have. Then there’s times I feel like the general population is so wrapped up in being in love, that the grasp on to, and devote their every being I to the first person that comes by that puts a little sparkle in their eye. 

As if they arnt with someone romantically they arnt a person at all. Or as they developed a relationship with someone..its every waking things on this earth….AND IT’S NOT!

every person that has tried to commit me I haven’t known less then 6 months, and is “in love”. YOU BARELY KNOW ME! 

It’s a huge turn off. I am not life, who ever you date is not life, and if you don’t let someone spent the night it’s the end of the world. I know what happens when someone spends the night, I know what happens when you have sex with someone. The moving slow things is out the window. 

I’m not looking for years, I’m look for for ever. When I’m ready, when I have my ducks in a row. Yes I’m getting there, but no matter how much I express this, it’s like silence. 

I can’t count how many times I have told anyone who wants to go out with me I’m not ready to be with someone, and it’s cool for a first date, then suddenly they want a relationship….like..

Lunch….its was fucking lunch. Calm down. 

The obsession to be in love even when your not is sickening. I’d  kill to feel real love again….bone shaking, electrifying love. 

You tell someone no, and it’s like a gate way to pry, and guilt trip someone based on different emotions. 


just better off alone I guess. This dating games is beyond annoying 

2 thoughts on “130. Dating is nothing but an annoyance”

  1. people nowadays doesn’t really know the meaning of being in love.. they are claiming things for the sake of having something to show off..

  2. Well, people are very needy these days…Desparate for love. I guess it’s not even because they want to fall in love or anything like that…It’s because everybody is doing it, so I have to do it too. That’s why. People get desperate to fall in love, date, get married and have kids because society/media puts a lot of pressure on everybody. Don’t be one of their puppets. Be who you are and do what you think it’s the right thing to do.

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