[163.1] ~*Thu – 01/11/18*~

[11:17 pm]

Looks like I’m stuck with my hair as my hairdresser can’t take me before next week and next week I’m going away for a few days and then I’m working till late. That said, it will bring me into two washes of my hair so by then the pink might have became more purple so at that point, I might as well keep it that way. We did talk about what we could do next time but still not too sure. She said neon green and more I think about it, more I want it. Haha! I guess we shall see in two months unless I end up going back in two weeks.

Beside that, hub is still depressed which is making me super sad. I just hope it’s not cause of me. He’s still saying that it’s because of the game but he can’t be THAT depressed just cause he can’t play the game. Arg!

Time is going by too fast. It’s almost time for me to go get hub which I really don’t feel like doing. I did the grocery, dishes and laundry. I’m already cancelled with my client of tomorrow morning so I can sleep in but I still have some work to do. I did a shop today so I need to get my paperwork done before bed. I’d also like to put some of the laundry away but good luck on that one as I seem to never do it. Talking about my client, I’m kinda sad cause she wants to change her time which means, I won’t get to sleep in on most Fri’s morning anymore. I tell ya, I got so spoiled with work that now I expect cancellation. I was thinking of looking for a new job but I don’t know about that anymore. The only reason why I’d want a new job is cause I’m tired of having to use my car for work. 

Last night I went to change a bulb in the lamp on top of the kitchen’s table and well, piece of where you put the bulb came falling out. Not good! I wasn’t sure if it was affecting it or not so I still put a new one in there and tried it tonight. After a lil while I could smell something. Don’t know if it’s in my head or not but I still took the bulb out to be sure. I was even up on the chair sniffing the darn thing. Lol! Now we need to buy a new one and of course, sorta stressing me out. I HATE changes so now I don’t know if I should buy another style or try to find one that is somewhat the same look. I also don’t know how hard they are to change and have no idea if hub will be able to change it. Brother-in-law still in town so I would of wanted him to change it but he’s going back home tomorrow and didn’t seem to be wanting to come help out with that. I will go shop for one tomorrow and will see from there, I guess. There is still one bulb in the lamp so it’s not totally dark so that can work for a bit until we find one and get it installed. The only thing, then it will look bleh with a new one there and an old yucky looking one at the door. I kinda want to change both to match but I don’t know. I don’t want to be spending too much money right now and I’m not sure what I could put to replace the one by the door. There’s a kind I like, just like in our bedroom, but it’s too complicated to get to the bulb, I’d want something with easy access. 

I think that’s pretty much it for today and the worries of the moment. I was telling my friend that I survive because of stressing on stupid things. Haha! If I don’t stress over something, I’m unhappy. I need to create some stress to keep going.




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