Day 682, 683 & 684 – Working hard

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Skipped quite a few days for the simple reason that I am only working and stressing cause of projects and exams, yay!

It has been good getting back to school, because I’m procrastinating less and now have more inspiration when it comes to writing for my French exam or my math project. I also have two less things to do, which was a text I didn’t get to finish, because is not necessary for me to do, and a test that won’t be happening. Although, the text was replaced by a different one, so only one less thing to do. Regardless, if I remain steady with my work, I should have everything done on time and as well have enough time to work on my portfolio. By the 12th I should have finished my French exam or at least only have to put everything I wrote together. By the 16th I should be done my math project, which gives me two days to study for my English exam, an afternoon to work on my portfolio after said exam for the portfolio day, which I’m going to the day after, three days to focus on math for the exam and a bit of my portfolio, and then one week to finalize my portfolio before the deadline, which is the day after that week. It’ll be pretty tight, but I can do it!

That’s all for today. 

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