I’m going to be selfish

For a change I’m going to start thinking about myself.  Put myself first!

Tired of being so nice and then walked on.  No fucking clue how long it took to plan and get the right things, prepare and get it ready.  Then lugging and hauling it from here to there.  Sucks.  Mind blown.  Kabloooooo-eeeeearmmm.

I get the raw end of the deal because of the pussy whipping.  You suck!  Sometimes I wish I never helped ANYBODY.  You ALL SUCK.

In such a bad mood I started trying to do bad things whereas before everything is  Miss Goody 2 Shoes.  Guess what a couple weeks ago I got a check from charity their intention was for me to send their check back and give money.  Welp.  I’m my own charity and I deposited that 2 bucks in my own sorrow ass checking account.  There I said it.

Today was a horrible day.  Got my hopes up for 3 days and then got there and it was a total psych.  When I’m there I miss the one by my house and see the one inaccessible again.  WTF.  Why is this first month of the year shitty?

I want to be positive and say tomorrow is another day but I’m scared.

Really scared.

I don’t trust anymore, I think all a lie.  Please help me Lord, I seek some form of normality in life.  Somewhere.  I’m tired of being different.  Please.  Make my life boring. .Stop with the fucking superstars.  Stop it already..


One thought on “I’m going to be selfish”

  1. I agree, put yourself FIRST. Because like the saying goes, if you aren’t happy, nobody will be happy.

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