My First Entry

So, I’ve been wanting to start a blog for sometime but I don’t necessarily know where to start. I figured trying an online journal would be a great way to gain readers and get some of my ideas out there. I’ve been struggling to find out what my “it” factor is or would be. But truth be told I’m my it factor, my story, my unique life story.  

So basically for  this first entry I want to talk about my current situation and who I am today. 

I’m a 28-year old Black American woman that lives in Prince George County, VA. I am currently enrolled in Rasmussen Online College as a Human Services Major. I work as a Mental Health Skill Builder and work in the community to support individuals that  struggle with mental illnesses and intellectual disabilities. Now, that I’ve told you about what I do now I’m going to tell you who I am. 

I am a woman who is finding herself more and more everyday. Today, I am motivated, driven and on the path to success. I am a caregiver, provider, sarcastic asshole and the bright point of many people’s day. I am healing and a healer, strong, charming, and charismatic. But most of all I am me, I’m learning that I am not the person I was yesterday and everyday I am a new and growing flower. 

That was an attempt at being poetic. I’d usually delete something like that from my social media, but today I don’t care. This is my path to no longer giving a fuck about what others think about me and my writing or my life. I want to share my story and I hope that someone sees it and see that there is someone out there dealing with the same things as them.

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