I can’t stop loving you even after eternity.

This sharing my story, but I don’t know how to tell myself 🙁

I’m so heart broken, even now. I’ve been unhappy with him for quite some time. He’s done things and said things that make me feel so stupid and belittled, no matter how good I have been to him. I care so much and love him so much but he doesn’t appreciate it like he used to the beginning. I thought we would take things slow but it didn’t happen. He kept talking to the girls he dated and would pass it off as just being friends. I stopped talking to this guy I dated out of respect for him and myself but he couldn’t do the same. I would fight him over that. It hurt a lot. I know I get hurt. We kept trying to make this work. I stuck around; making up excuses for him but nothing ever got fixed. I was always blamed myself for everything no matter what, even if it was a joke. It hurts like hell and it is going to hurt because I still love that stupid man.

It’s been few month since he left me because of my depression and negativity. We’ve been together for 3 years. I began to realize that my heart to alleviate the pain by giving us hope that this guy is going to come back. My heart was pushing me to do so. I did feel temporary relieved after I do. It’s horrible and I believe it aggravated the heartache more because my expectations weren’t met. 

Thank you for reading my story.

3 thoughts on “I can’t stop loving you even after eternity.”

  1. BiadLc31, you said you did your best. I know it’s hard to forget someone you really love, but I think you need to focus on other things and try to move on. If he were a decent guy, he’d be patient, kind and he would’ve treated you the way you deserve to be treated. Don’t blame yourself. It was probably for the best. I hope you find someone great and forget about that jerk. I know you will!

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