[164] ~*Fri – 01/12/18*~

[11:21 pm]

Dang it was warm today, felt like a spring day. Hub is such a baby. I had asked him for two days to clean the snow that was left behind where the cars were parked. Of course he never did it and now it’s all gone with the rain we had yesterday and the nice weather of today. He always find a way to escape blowing the driveway. But yea, really felt like a spring day. I don’t wear a winter jacket cause it’s too warm for me, I wear a fall one which I was wearing today but I should of worn my spring one. Sheesh!

Hub seemed to be feeling somewhat better last night. Brother-in-law slept over again and they played on the Wii U. I went to bed super late cause after picking him up from work I still had to finish the laundry which I didn’t put away. I had to finish my report for the shop I had done. We also went out to get some McDonald’s, cause hub’s a baby, and I watched a show. I read and played on my farming game. I kinda coughed up a chunk of mucus last night which I was happy about but ever since my throat feels blocked. Grr!

Anyways, I slept in this morning since my client had cancelled but the last hour my body started feeling stressed and I don’t even really know why. Prob cause of that damn light that we need to replace but still, I wasn’t really thinking about it. I honestly think that my body just likes stressing out. Talking about the light, I didn’t even have time to go shop for one. I had planned on going with my last client as I always have an hour where I need to find something to do so I figured that would be perfect but no time. I went to the Post Office to ship that RAM for hub and then we had to go to the pharmacy to pick up some of his pills and then it was time for the club. I’ve also just remembered that I didn’t drop off some stuff that another client had given me last nigh to drop at the Salvation Army. I had told myself I would also do that with my last client of today but again, not time.

I’ve talked to my friend and she said she never received anything for the package I had shipped to her place. I really didn’t wanted to let her know it was coming but I had to cause I’ve no clue what’s going on as it’s been in the Country for 3 weeks and haven’t received it. I contacted the people I’ve bought it from and they said the deadline for the receiving was Feb 8 so that’s almost a month away so I guess I will have to keep waiting. It just sucks that I sorta ruined the surprise for my friend but she was all excited that it was coming as she’s been wanting that shower curtain for ever.

I’m pretty sure there’s other things I wanted to talk about but it’s just not coming to my mind right now and I kinda have to get going as I still have to go get hub from work. I honestly can’t wait to get my car back.





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