All about me

Lets get the basic facts down. My name is Skylee Blue and I am 12 years old. My life is pretty different. By different I mean abnormal and unique. But enough about my life and more about me. I love to dance and act. Acting just comes naturally but oh my gosh dancing, I couldn’t live without it. Everywhere I go I am either doing a little spin or a gigantic leap.

I love love LOVE animals. I have two a dog and …. a skunk. Yes I have a pet skunk I’m not gonna get into all the details about her but comment down blow if you want me to do a entry about her. I have saved many animals in my life my 6 year old westie was found in the streets had been abused and my skunk had been abandoned by her family since she was the runt. I care about all animals and they are a great companion!

I play basketball which I’m pretty good at.

Anyway my life is great but like all stories there is always a sad part. M dad is a drug attic and alcholic and has been devorsed 3 times. He doesn’t love me if he did he would stop.

Anyway I’m a really caring person So write to me if u you have issues and comment down below I reply 😉

So I love my life it couldn’t be better my family woah I can’t put them into words lets just say they are abnormal in a good way.

Love ya all so much YOLO

-Skylee Blue


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