Day 7

I definitely did not eat as many vegetables as required today. I just was so NOT hungry that it actually turned me against eating. I could not even force myself. It is the last day of my turbo week so I did not have any choice in my meals today. 

When I got home from work I decided to plan out my next week so I don’t have to think about it and I can make sure I have what I need. Because next week does not include the shakes & Nutricurb bars, you do have the supplement the food they provide.

-For breakfast, you have to add a Powerfuel to your Nutrisystem entree (nuts, peanut butter, tuna, chicken, egg, a slice of cheese) etc. Basically it is lower calorie (80 – 120) but high in protein (5 grams at least).

-For the morning snack, another Powerfuel is needed.

-For lunch, it is the same as the first week. A Nutrisystem entree plus two servings of vegetables.

-For the afternoon snack, another Powerfuel plus one Smartcarb (a slice of bread, a medium apple or banana, grapes, brown rice, wheat pasta, or Apple/orange juice) 80-120 calories, at least one gram of fiber.

-For dinner, it is the same as the first week. A Nutrisystem entree plus two servings of vegetables.

-For the evening snack, it is provided by Nutrisystem.

When you flex your meals, it gives you the guideline for Powerfuels & SmartCarbs needed (breakfast – 2 PF and 1 SC, lunch 1 PF and 1 SC, dinner 2 PF and 1 SC, evening snack 1 PF and 1 SC). You have to flex one breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack per week. 

I have a work outing during lunch on Wednesday and my husband has a work outing during dinner on Thursday so those already are my flex meals. I chose to flex my breakfast Saturday since I will have more time in the morning. The evening snack is not that much of an inconvenience. 

Back to today. Food:

Breakfast: maple brown sugar oatmeal. Flavorful. Had to add 4 oz of fat-free milk to it which honestly was too much milk but it was delicious. Would have ordered it and would order it again. 

AM Snack – Turbo Shake. I forgot my shake bottle this morning so I had to use my regular water bottle which sucked because then my water for the rest of the day tasted like watered-down chocolate protein. 

Lunch – Fudge graham bar. Decent sized bar covered in chocolate. Tasted like granola with a hint of graham cracker. I was still so full from the shake that I did not eat this until almost 1:30. I tried to eat the two servings of vegetables and got about half done before I called it quits. Value wise, would not have ordered this and will not order it again. 

PM Snack – Nutricurb bar. I was so full & busy at work I did not realize it was already 4 pm so I made sure to quickly eat it before it ruined my dinner too much.

Dinner – Beef Stew. I did not eat this until 7 30 pm because again, I was so full all day! Not going to lie, opening it up, it looked like straight up dog food. I already was not looking forward to it so I was concerned. But I gave it a try and it actually was pretty good. I would not have ordered this originally and even though it was okay, it was not my favorite and probably won’t order it again.

Official weigh-in is tomorrow! I am excited. Plus I can start working out tomorrow!

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