Down the hole …

I feel like some odd Alice in Wonderland at times.  There are things in my life that were a mistake in retrospect, but what is done is just that… done.   There is no crying over spilt milk as the saying goes.  I do not like to sit and regret things as being mired in depression seldom does any real good. That said, I do miss him, and wonder does he really miss me?  If so, why is it a struggle to just have him call and talk to me.  If you want to break up with me, then just do it.

I find myself alone again after some years of dwelling with the special man in my life. I have very few true outlets for expressing what bothers me so I thought to try a journal or something to just collect my thoughts when the mood strikes me. I ended up making a huge change in my life due to other extenuating circumstances, and I am not sure that all the outcomes worked out for the best. It is what it will be, I suppose. Mostly now, I just worry about living as this city is not exactly cheap to live in. Being alone … is just not great at times.

The picture up there is rather apt to my current mood and place in life for now. I could take most of those such as strength right now among others on there.  Perhaps all of those apply right now.  I am hoping that keeping a journal helps me to focus as sometimes I have trouble remaining optimistic of late.

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