Falling apart

Today was a bad day. 

Get this, I’m speeding.  Yeah I know I’m speeding but I’m trying to get away from the vehicle tailing me, behind me.  I saw the blue lights inside the windshield and heard the siren but then he didn’t pull me over.  I thought the dude was trolling me.

So then I figure he was fake.  I continue to speed to try to get away from this car.  When I get to the freeway, I aggressively cross the solid line to try to sped away. 

Long story short it was probably an off duty cop.  He aggressively gets behind me a third time and this time demands me to pull over.  He’s wearing regular clothes with his badge around his neck.  He yells at me “Did you want to go to jail today?”

I told him, “No sir, I thought you were someone trolling me.  Isn’t the light suppose to on top of the car?”  He tells me he put his siren on.  I said, and?  As I said I thought you were trolling me.  Did you want my registration and insurance…. he walks away and angrily tells me to slow down.  Leaves. 

What a fucking dick.   You can’t go to jail if you’re driving fast like I was.  Best you could do is write me at ticket.  But he couldn’t even write me a ticket because he wasn’t on duty.  It’s called Intimidation.  Fuck you.  And I think he lives in my complex too.

Then everything went wrong at the job.

And then the pad job.

Everything was going down hill.

I feel awful.

I don’t feel hungry.  Maybe I can lose the 3 pounds I gained from pigging out the last couple weeks.  Thanks negative day, for getting my weight back on track.  You know, if I lose 13 pounds I would be considered underweight?  Kool beans.  Here I come.

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