Kat Sitter…

My Kat sitter is no more and I have to find someone to take care of me while my Human goes on the trip. I hate when this happens because I don’t like people like my Human and I don’t trust people just like my Human . They will have to put cream inside of my ear…Yuk…It’s so bothersome!!! And then there is the wet napkin to clean them in the afternoon…Yuk!! And they might want to pet me….Big Yuk!!!! I’ll show them, I’ll hide under the bed where they can’t get to me and only come out when they leave…Fool them!!!

Yeah well not so much for Her….She thinks she’s safe….but i’ll fool her…I’ll close the door to the bedroom and she’ll have no where to hide that someone can’t get her. This whole thing is a mess. I’ve not had to leave her with someone when she has to have meds. I would just rather not go on this trip and then I won’t have to stress this. I have two interviews over the next few days. Hate it! Anyway….I want my other journal back. Thanks

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