Outside of here

If you know me, the one thing about me about travelling would be that i’ll be afraid to travel. News of bus crashes(Genting), natural disasters(Japan, Philipines.. etc) doesn’t exactly do well with my scaredy-cat self. But if you DO know me, I would have already made plans with you to travel the world.
 I probably weren’t kidding when I told you, “let’s go backpacking!” Or “let’s go -insert name of unknown destinations outside of Singapore-!”

I don’t want it to be a vacation, or just a mere getaway. I want it to be a journey. Like a journey of discovery. I would want to find out more about this place, the people and their culture. How they speak, or speak their language. Why Japanese are so polite or why Koreans believe the beauty lies on the outside.
Or a journey of self discovery. I wanna know how I would fare in a desert(probably dying.) or in an amazon forest(probably dying from a fatal snake bite, or freaking out from the load of ants and bugs). Or just living in a totally different environment than that of here.
I wanna know, if here is all I can survive in. If here is all that is to my life.

Because I know, that as much as I am afraid to take that chance to step into the unknown, I would be just as miserable staying here all my life, never tasting the Himalayan air, never touching real snow or seeing a perfect snowflake, or never feeling as if life is fulfilling.

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