[165] ~*Sat – 01/13/18*~

[10:34 pm]

The weather is just crazy. I couldn’t sleep last night. All I ended up doing was toss and turn cause it was too hot in the bedroom, it was like 22 which we normally live at 15. I was about to crack open the window and turn the A/C on. It was still warm this morning, it was 16. I had to get my spring coat out or I knew I was gonna be too warm as I don’t even wear a winter coat but a fall one. It doesn’t look like winter at all, all the snow is gone.

So yea, I was super tired this morning and really didn’t wanted to go to work. I was hoping so very badly for a cancellation when I knew I wouldn’t get one. I still managed to do my first client and she was done an hour early so I came back home and napped for an hour. I then went out with my second client and we went to see The Commuter which was okay. I think I fell asleep at one point but that’s what I do. Haha!

After work I didn’t wanted to come home cause I knew I wouldn’t of wanted to go back out so I went over to my friend’s place. I should of been good and came home to put my laundry away and such but I wasn’t. When it was time to go pick up hub, it had started to freeze outside. I had to scrape the car but the roads were still fine. I hope they’ll be alright tomorrow morning for when I go to work. 

It’s not as hot outside tonight but our room is still at 20 which is just crazy. I hope I can get some sleep tonight cause I need it as I work at the store tomorrow.  It’s not yet 11 pm but I’m trying to be good, I’ll be reading for a lil and then sleep time. I don’t think I’ll bother with my farm tonight as I want to rest. 

My throat is bothering me right now. I’m still taking that med but I’m almost out and I’m also taking some Advil Sinus. I can’t wait to see the doc and hope he can help me out with this cause it’s getting super annoying. 

Alright, reading time. 




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