I need to be brave

to show you these feelings I have

For too long I’ve been imprisoned

by my own creation of silence


I’ve been too scared

Society’s been unfair

They say I should know my place

or they’ll put me in disgrace

A lady should save her face

and always watch out what she says


I hate it

I’m suffocated

Why can’t I too be honest?

Why can’t this be expressed?

I think I’m also entitled

to open up and be straightforward


These have always happened

just because I got way too quiet

painfully shy and frightened

Why do I have to remain such a coward?


Every guy I’ve ever loved has gone away

without hearing what I had to say

Some say it’s life, although not okay

Others still blame me anyway


I think I need your help

so I won’t be too scared

Help me to find my courage

to say those three words out loud

even if I’m still choked up

by my own self-doubt:



How about that?



(Jakarta, 7/1/2018 – 9:15 am)

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