Day 8

Official weight lost in one week: 5.2 lbs. Definitely happy with those results. I have a very sedentary job so if I can lose that much without exercising, that is promising. Only time I felt hungry today was before dinner because it was almost 4 hours since I had my afternoon snack. I still have not had my evening snack/dessert because I am so full from dinner now that I will have to wait a few hours. 



Breakfast: French toast, peanuts, and sugar free maple syrup (maple syrup is considered an extra, which you can have a max of 3 per day). French toast was one slice and it was a decent size. I microwaved it because I did not have a lot of time and it was pretty good. If you have more time, I am sure cooking it in the oven is better. I would have ordered this originally and would order it again for sure.

AM snack – Tuna with mayo (mayo was my other extra). I actually love tuna & mayo so it was a good snack for me.

Lunch – Hamburger and two servings of green beans. The hamburger was delicious!! I did not add anything to it, just ate the beef and bun. Would have ordered it originally and will order it again.

PM Snack – 1 slice of low-fat colby jack cheese and 1 slice of wheat bread. Just folded it over and ate like a cheese sandwich. 

Dinner – Broccoli stuffed chicken breast with two servings of zucchini. I chose to wait and cook it in the oven instead of microwave. It was a very good portion and it was delicious. I would have ordered this before and would definitely order it again.

Evening Snack – Chocolate Stuffed Pie. Will have to review later.


I feel like the supplementing grocery food is going well. It definitely helped that I planned everything out last night. 

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