Always available

Why do we try to win the affections of people who couldn’t care less about us? I am perfectly happy by myself, and I don’t need anyone to make me happy but every person that I find myself interested in is always hung up on someone else. They could tell me that they care for me, and that they want to be with me but I can see in their eyes; I can hear it in their voice when they talk about the person they truly love; I can sense the lack of desire to enjoy the moments we have together…because I’m not good enough for them. I’m not what they want. Every love song we listened to together, at first I thought was just a song they had in their head but then after hearing them sing and watching their body language i realize they are thinking about the one they love…and im just along for the ride. What for? Why do they keep me around? Do I temporarily ease the pain of not being with the one they want? Do they just not want to be alone so they string me along because they know ill be there for them when they decide they need company? Maybe i should just accept this as my role, “the girl that’s always available and easy to string along”

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