The above photo was taken when she happened to run into me when I was walking home. At the time of this photo (which was about 30 minutes prior to this post, we were already cool with each other as our confrontation happened months ago.) She was showing me a video of something that she thought I would be interested in.

This is Hailey, A Jehovah’s Witness. Before we were friends I was completely rude to her and I stole from her and even spit on her. When we first met it was through my psychiatrist. Which was odd because I didn’t think Jehovah’s s Witnesses we’re into that kind of stuff. But our very first interaction involved us talking for about 45 minutes, then I started insulting her and calling her names. Then I left the room. Our next interaction, was in her car. She had picked me up on the side of the road. Which she didn’t have to but felt I needed a ride. We talked for a bit and then I spat on her. After that I pocketed or in this case “backpacked” some of her stuff. I got a pair of he heels, some money left in her back seat, some toiletries like lotions and stuff and even her speaker that she, according to her bought that day. Unfortunately for me I didn’t get out of her car in time, she was able to open my door quickly and put the safety lock on. I was very rude and I started spitting on her from the back seat. I thought I was in control. Until she put me in my place. She used one of those nerve pinches on me when I got out of control. I’m glad she did too. I deserved it. She told me that that was a last resort and while she was not happy about having to use it, she said it was probably well deserved. I think so too. Also because she was not going to press any charges on me, I had agreed to meet with her at least once a week. I also did yard work for her, other chores, donated 90% of my paychecks to charities, community and volunteer service and other outreach. It wasn’t really court ordered but I didn’t want to get in more trouble. So I decided it was probably for my own good. I commend her for not backing down and taking a very strict approach despite her friendly demeanor. So she has been picking me up once a week. Once she took me into one of her classes we connected. While I am not sold on religion yet or at all, it is nice to see young proper women out there at least willing to make a change. She’s very nice, you would never guess but she is into all of that self defense stuff too. Which explains her nerve pinch on me. When I finally apologized to her for real, I told her about how insecure I am. Of course she knew because she knew girls or even grown women like me. So it was a very humbling experience. Even more humbling considering she has been helping lots of troubled young women like myself. I’m really glad she stuck with me too. I wouldn’t have opened up if she didn’t. Sometimes the hardest lessons are your best teachers. Thank you Hailey. 

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