got a bad headache,took a painkiller but its not working,been an hour. ugh!! its throbbing pain, 

Its 3pm, i should get on with my project.

its 6:30 pm n i havent started my project yet,ugh but the headache is better!

Idk why but i  want to shout expletives at everyone,i’m controlling,i’m controlling. but i’m so tired,i want to shout,it feels like everything is coming at me all at once. im restless. idk what triggered this but it has arrived now. i hate days like this and it feels like its starting again. 

be a crook to me today n i’ll set you right back on the track,will not spare shit of any kind today. i’m nauseous, and sad. and i feel so sorry. and i feel so bad!! gutted,you could say.

nutella does make things better or was i just hungry hahha,don’t i sound like a child rn :-P. cant believe sometimes,im a full grown woman like seriously. 

is my headache starting again?  i should get going cuz i feel like im going nuts! 


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